Splashbacks are commonly made with GlassKote™, DigiKote or MirrorKote and can be used in various different ways. With an almost unlimited colour palette, the look of your splashback is limited only by your imagination. MS Glass splashbacks are ideal for use in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

GlassKote™: For decades glass manufacturers the world over endeavoured to uncover and perfect the process of permanently affixing colour to glass. Then MS Glass pioneered a scientific innovation that was to become a true game-changer: The GlassKote™ formula.

GlassKote™ has achieved a breakthrough with a revolutionary agent that is mixed with colour compounds to create a durable colourfast finish on glass.

The intrinsic beauty of coloured glass and the countless design applications that GlassKote™ has to offer is unparalleled and has been used across countless design applications around the world.

Now manufactured in over 30 countries, GlassKote™ is by far the most widely used colour coated glass product available in today’s ever-growing international market.

GlassKote™ is commonly used for kitchen splashbacks, however it can be used for many other applications. With an almost unlimited colour palette, GlassKote™ can be incorporated into virtually any glass design concept. Learn more about how to clean and care for your GlassKote™ splashbacks here.

DigiKote: DigiKote technology has revolutionised the way we think about and use glass. DigiKote is digitally-printed glass. This means full colour, high resolution images, photographs, logos, essentially whatever you desire can be printed directly onto your glass splashback. The process guarantees a superior, sleek and – crucially – a permanent finish.

MirrorKote: MirrorKote is a toughened, mirrored glass. Our exclusive MirrorKote range is available in a selection of finishes and tints to complement your décor and every space within your home, office or shop.

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