Glass Products

The inherent strength and durability of glass is not to be understated. It’s versatility as a raw material allows it to be applied, formed and incorporated into limitless design concepts; whether for a glass splashback in your kitchen at home or a colour-backed glass panel as a feature wall in an office building or retail store, MS Glass will help you realise your design dreams.

Glass offers a superior alternative to many other materials – natural or synthetic – as it can be custom manufactured to suit nearly any project, no matter how specialised. There are no grout lines or messy joins – glass is low maintenance, easy to clean, sophisticated, sleek and timeless.

With myriad options to select from, you have thousands of colours and finishes to fulfil your every design whim. Find the perfect match to suit your desired style and complement your décor.

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GlassKote™ has achieved a breakthrough with a revolutionary agent that is mixed with colour compounds to create a durable, colourfast finish on a range of glass types. GlassKote™ can be incorporated into countless design concepts.

DigiKote is the ideal tool for creating visually exciting designs on glass. Customise your glass - use your creativity and imagination to create your perfect look.

With an almost unlimited colour palette, the look of your splashback is limited only by your imagination. MS Glass splashbacks are ideal for use in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

The use of a glass shower screen reduces the need for additional fixtures and joins, adds value to your bathroom and makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.

The reflective quality of mirrored glass means it can be used to dramatically improve the feeling of light and space in smaller or darker homes and commercial spaces.

Glass Balustrades are an ideal, safe, and sophisticated solution for pool fencing, decks, patios, balconies and staircases alike.

GlassKote Ballistics provides a range of bullet ressistant security glass products designed to protect a range of different buildings and vehicles.