Slumped Glass

Slumped Glass is formed by heating float glass and then moulding it into a custom pattern, shape or design. Slumped Glass is also sometimes referred to as textured glass or kiln formed glass.This type of glass is heated to its softening point in a specialised kiln, where a texture is moulded into the glass.   Once cooled, the glass is termed ‘Slumped Glass’.

Depending on the moulding technique used and the desired design outcome, this texture could be a standard pattern, or feature a custom design embossed into the glass.

Glass slumping or moulding can be applied to float glass of almost any kind; clear, tinted or colour coated. To conform to safety standards the resulting glass can be heat toughened or may be laminated to suit your needs.

Ideal for bespoke projects and decorative applications, the technical process of slumping glass is hazardous and complex. Glass slumping is a service that is therefore not offered by all glass manufacturers in Melbourne.

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